Support Healthy Companies That Care For The Environment

As I sit here drinking this delicious iced coffee with Vanilla Honey Milk, I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be sponsored by three great companies that care for the environment and all-natural recovery foods.

Homemade coffee flavored with Vanilla Honey Milk...yummm!

The first company is Honey Milk, which makes all-natural and delicious recovery drinks.  There are a ton of recovery drinks on the market but Honey Milk is the only recovery drink to be fresh milk based.  Other companies claim they are ‘milk based’ but really they are made from milk or protein powders – not fresh milk.  Honey Milk is an American company formed by American dairy farmers who understood that milk is a superfood and that it needed a greater attention paid to it without extra additives and powders.  The dairy farmers take pride in the way they treat their cows and continuing to make their farms more sustainable and traceable.  Honey Milk takes great pride in that it is always changing and setting standards that are higher than any other in the industry.  Honey Milk will continue to expand to new products with new ingredients that have the best quality available along with the highest standards.  When you are looking for a recovery drink after a challenging run, down a bottle of Honey Milk and be proud that you are supporting a company committed to improving sustainable farming and all-natural products!

The second company is Chia Chargers, which makes energy snacks, nut butters, granola, and sells chia seeds.  Chia seeds have an extraordinary nutritional profile with a high amino acid score, healthy Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s fats, and many vitamins and nutrients.  You can read more about the nutritional benefits of chia seeds on the Chia Charger website here.  The company created healthy and tasty products that highlight the chia seed and the products only have natural ingredients.  Unlike many companies that claim their food/bar has a certain healthy food and has barely any of the ingredient, Chia Chargers actually use a lot of chia seeds! In the picture below you can see all the chia seeds packed in the almond-peanut-chia butter.  Have you ever been on a plane or traveling and need a healthy snack or meal?  Have you grabbed a bar that had 30 different ingredients and tasted mostly like chalk and needed a lot of water to swallow?  That will never happen again when you have a pack of Chia Chargers bites!   Every time that I travel I bring the chia charger bites (spicy is my favorite flavor) with me.  It’s a healthy snack that is good for you and  fills you up.  Chia Charger’s slogan is “Food for the Drive, and Think outside the Bar” and the company was formed to bring the benefits of the superfood chia seed into your diet by creating 
nutrient-rich, energy packed health foods.  These all-natural bite-sized snacks are portion-controlled into three 1-ounce sized bites per package. It is also loaded with many other superfoods and, with only 9 ingredients, the food label is easy to read and understand. Once again, this is another fantastic company to support that is committed to all-natural food and a healthy environment.

Chia Charger almond-peanut-chia butter with tons of chia seeds!

Finally is the company EVOL Foods that makes healthy frozen pizzas, burritos, flatbreads, bowls, and wraps. EVOL Foods is a local Boulder, Colorado company committed to making the healthiest frozen foods on the market.  When I first moved to Boulder I was temporarily subletting in Gunbarrel and there was a King Soopers a mile from my place.  At that time, EVOL burritos were on sale 3 for $5.  This was the perfect food for a hungry runner coming back from a tough workout and very affordable!  I remember stocking the shared freezer with EVOL burritos and enjoy a couple after some monster workouts. Now as an athlete ambassador for EVOL I could not be happier to have a freezer stocked with EVOL foods!  Many of the burritos are made with 70%+ organic ingredients, free-range chicken and cage-free eggs.  The slogan, “made from fresh delicious” is 100% true of EVOL foods.  After 10-12 minutes in the oven, the four cheese pizza is unbelievable.  If I was served that pizza in an Italian restaurant I would be very happy!  EVOL foods is also committed to natural refined foods and ingredient sources, green manufacturing, and food packaging with minimal landfill impact.

Maybe the best cheese pizza ever? I think so!

These are three fantastic companies that absolutely represent the change in America to healthy and all-natural products.  As an athlete, it can be a challenge to find products that are not made from refined foods devoid in nutritional content yet fast to make and absorb after training. Honey Milk, Chia Chargers, and EVOL Foods come to the rescue and I highly recommend any of their products!  (Note:  I approached all three companies to write this blog post and I was not obligated to write this.)   


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