A Tribute To Sophie

Sometimes things happen in life that make you appreciate what you have…or don’t anymore.  On Monday, I ran in a local race as a good first hard workout.  It was a 4k and it went very well.  Legs felt smooth and no soreness or anything from the marathon a couple weeks ago.  Afterwards I got a call from my mom’s cell phone. Answering the phone I immediately knew something was very wrong.  Unfortunately my childhood dog, Sophie, has passed away.  She was two weeks from 13 years old and died of old age.  She had passed away at Keen Lake, camping with my mom and dad at her favorite place in the world.  I am headed back to PA/NY this weekend to run in the Boilermaker 15k and was looking forward to spending time with Sophie over the next two weeks.

Sophie laying in her bed.

One year ago she was very sick and she was diagnosed with a disease and put on medication.  My mom and brother took excellent care of her, giving her medication multiple times per day. At that time, we didn’t know how much longer she would live.  She ended up regaining her energy and living another year.  In that time, my mom said it best, “In the past year we learned to appreciate every day we had with Sophie.”

Sophie at home

Although this post is not about running, this is a tribute to Sophie and making sure you spend the time to appreciate what you have.  Enjoy the fact that you have a healthy and happy family, that you are an injury-free runner, that you are financially stable, that you’re surrounded by a great support system of friends and family.  There’s a lot of things in life we take for granted on a regular basis, remember to take some time and appreciate what you have.

Love you Sophie,



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