SIX Nutrition

I’m proud to announce a new sponsor, SIX Nutrition!

I’m constantly trying to become a better athlete and healthier individual.  I’ve read numerous books on nutrition and have searched on for scientific articles on distance running performance and general health.  There is always new research coming out and results that may help your general health and your athletic performance.  In fact, a recent interview on Gary Cohen’s site ( with Kyle Heffner.  Kyle placed 3rd at the 1980 Olympic Trials behind one of my idols and running buddies Benji Durden.  In the article Kyle was asked…”With your bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, master’s degree in exercise physiology and many years of experience, what would you do differently if you could go back in time to your prime racing years armed with this knowledge?”

Kyle responded with, ” I was on a totally organic diet of about 3,500 calories per day but wasn’t taking any supplements. Antioxidants would have helped my body to deal with the stress of training.”

I couldn’t agree with Kyle more.  As an athlete you are putting a stress on your body.  As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve run over 5,000 miles this year.  That’s a lot of extra stress on the body!  I certainly drink my Honey Milk after working out and put my legs in my NormaTec boots to help promote recovery, but the body needs a little more…and that’s where SIX Nutrition comes in!

I’m not going to summarize the benefits of  SIX on this blog post.  Instead, I’m going to send you to the SIX Nutrition website – HERE.  After reading through the website, write a comment on this blog about what you learned or something that intrigued you from the SIX website.  I’ll randomly pick one of the people that commented to win a FREE MONTH’s SUPPLY of SIX!  In addition, if you want to order any SIX you can use the coupon code TYLER to save 10%.  I’ve been using the multivitamin for over a month and have been very impressed by my energy levels and recoverability.  I would love to hear what other people have to say about the product after giving it a try. Thank you to SIX nutrition for a great product and believing in me!

Happy new year everyone!



14 thoughts on “SIX Nutrition

  1. A friend of mine once said ” you know, excersize is hard!” All the guys I train with are younger and all I want is an unfair advantage. Great concept to target these six areas that need reinforcement as we willingly pummell our bodies.

  2. Congratulations on the new sponsor! As I looked through the site, I was amazed at SIX compared to Centrum and GNC. SIX absolutely dominated the other two in so many areas.

    Good luck in Houston, Tyler, I cheering my butt off for you to have the race of your life. I know that you have trained so hard for this race. I know you are going to kick some butt. However, no matter the result, you have inspired so many people, and you will continue to motivate people.

  3. I didn’t know that amino acids could reduce lactic acid levels. Looks really promising.

    I have been taking high potency echinacea (3gm per day) for nearly a year and have found that not only do I get far less colds and flu but blood tests have shown increased red blood cells. Worth checking out.

  4. If it helps you get to the plinking, it might help me move up in my big local race, The Dipsea.

  5. Yeah, what is up with the all men’s only supplement? They need a women’s one too because I want to try it 🙂 sounds great though, Tyler! Congrats on the new sponsor!

  6. As an FYI to the ladies who want to take these awesome vitamins, feel free to (unless you are pregnant- in which case you should consult a physician first). All of the ingredients in SIX for Men are safe for women and you will feel a difference in a day or two. The three main areas where there is a difference is 1. in the amount of iron that women need versus men (women need more) 2. Calcium- to help adress osteoporosis 3. Magnesium- also directly related to brittle bones.

    The one thing that is often overlooked though is that these three ingredients are often part of enriched foods or readily accessible for our bodies especially in plant based foods.

    SIX Nutrition’s ingredient is top of the line and as women you can feel comfortable taking SIX for Men until a SIX for Women is available.

  7. I’ve been taking a rather expensive, organic, whole food supplement that my doctor recommended for the last year. Its not tailored for the athlete like SIX promotes. It would be interesting to see if I would notice a difference. I need all I get if im going to increase my weekly mileage!

  8. If you review the SIX supplement facts you’ll be impressed by the variety and potency of the ingredients in this product. Congratulations Tyler on partnering with what looks to be a great addition to any athlete’s nutritional regimen!

  9. Tyler,

    As you are aware I have been testing various proprietary supplement stacks for about two years. I am extremely confident the body needs something to endure the stress with solid impacts on pavement, and severe mileage increases. I am curious what you tried prior to Six Nutrition? I am always interested in reducing the amount of things I need per day – so I would love to give this product a controlled test against my current blend.

    I was a bit surprised to see a lack of BCAA’s and a key essential amino L-Glutamine. I was also surprised to see green tea extract which tends to be in thermogenics.

    Alas – this year is about how you have executed, not any third part product! Good luck this weekend – you know my prediction, make it happen!

  10. Looks like I missed the window for winning the months supply, but it’s worth nothing that regular folks can fill out a form after trying a months supply and potentially receive another box for free, or it says, possibly be added to their roster of athletes. Sending in a good inspirational or funny story could also net one a year’s supply of the product. As for something I learned, even though I’m late for that whole bit: Even as a physical therapy student, I did not realize that vitamin D played a role in joint maintenance. Good post, Tyler!

  11. Using the random number generator, the lucky winner was Robbie Horstman! Thanks for all the comments. Robbie – please e-mail me your address so I can get a shipment sent out to you. If anyone else wants to buy SIX – please do so off of the link from my website with the coupon code TYLER. Cheers!

    Ryan – I’ve tried a few different multivitamins. I’ve tried the generic mutlivitamin that had 100% of everything, I’ve tried Centrum Performance, and before this I was using a powder called “All-One” in either the original or green blend. SIX has definitely helped energy levels and it also doesn’t taste atrocious like the All-One mix. I should also mention that I separately take an iron supplement and an Omega 3 fish oil supplement.

  12. I don’t know if you’ve picked someone yet but I’m in college and as you know the collegiate athlete lifestyle can really wear and tear on you. some nutritional help would benefit me a ton! This blogs great by the way, can’t wait to see how you do at the Trials but more importantly later on!

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