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On Thursday Night I traveled back to the home I grew up in to spend a week at home for Thanksgiving and compete at the Philadelphia Half-Marathon.  I’ve trained very hard the past few weeks and my legs can definitely feel the personal records in mileage and workouts.  As I posted in a past blog post, it’s important to keep the vision of the athlete you want to become in your mind’s eye.  Yesterday’s run was an easy 8 miles through Jacobsburg Park in Nazareth, PA – one of my all-time favorite training locations due to the soft dirt & fun trails.  On the run I was visualizing myself in Houston make the last turn back towards the city on the last loop.  Seeing myself running smooth, picking up the pace, competing against the best in the US.  I was visualizing myself competing at that next level.

Tomorrow’s race at the Philadelphia Half-Marathon is a very important training run.  I’m going to compete to the best of my abilities, but it’s really about preparation for the Olympic Trials Marathon in Houston.

I’ve had the pleasure to coach Seth Hasty through the business Hudson Training Systems.  Seth is a pleasure, yet a challenge, to coach. Why is he a challenge? Seth is one of the most motivated athletes I’ve worked with and always looking to run that extra mile.  I always have to pull him back rather than push him forward.  At the Baystate Half-Marathon I really tried to get him to focus on his Philadelphia Marathon and remember that Baystate is just a great workout and that he couldn’t have a bad race because it would still be a good marathon workout.  Of course, he and I both knew he was very fit and he executed a game-plan perfectly, running a massive personal best time.  This weekend is his goal race and I’m excited I’ll be staying with him tonight and watching him cross the finish line in sub 2:58 tomorrow!

Again – never lose sight of the athlete you want to become regardless of what day is ahead of you.  Don’t change your goals and dreams based on a race in a build-up.  That being said, I love to compete and I’m fitter than ever.  Time to fly on the streets of Philadelphia!

Best of luck to everyone competing today and on Thanksgiving day races!



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