Training Update

Today is an exciting time. Why? Well it’s now less than 65 days until I toe the line at the 2012 USA Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston, Texas.  In the process, I’ll be racing the Philadelphia Half-Marathon on Nov 20th and going to Dallas, Texas for a race in early December.  I’m looking forward to competing at these, but they are in reality just two of my hardest workouts leading into the trials.  I’ve been training great.  Actually, been feeling the best I ever have! After the Chicago Marathon attempt, getting antibiotics, taking a week off of running, and putting some miles on my bike,  I’ve reached new levels of fitness already.  My ferratin levels were on the low side of normal, so I’ve been eating more red meat and taking an additional iron supplement.  I feel it may have helped because my energy is much higher even with all this mileage.  Here’s a snapshot of my last 12 days of training…

Fernando and I on Friday's hill climb.

Sunday: AM: 19 Miles with half 12 miles moderate

Monday: AM: 10 miles + hill sprints.  PM: 6 miles + 20 minutes on bike + 20 minutes core

Tuesday: AM: 20x400m in 69.1 avg with 60s rest and 5 minutes after 10th one.  Felt smooth. 13 miles total.  Early PM: 1hr Massage at Peak Integrative Health. Late PM: 7 miles easy (tired!)

Wednesday: AM: 15 miles on treadmill in 1:39:50 + 30 minutes of core. PM: 5 Miles Easy

Thursday: AM: 10 miles easy, PM: 8 miles easy with strides

Friday: AM: 10k moderate followed by 10k hill climb up Lefthand from 5500-6600ft (36:53) (14mi total) PM: 6.7 Miles easy + 25 minute core

Saturday: AM: 5 mile jog!

Sunday: AM: 22 Miles in 2:24:00 with Fernando Cabada, Trent Briney, and Devin Rourke.  Felt smooth even with strong winds and mud.

123 Miles for the week!

Monday: AM: 11.8 miles, some with Benji Durden. Early PM 1 hour massage by Peak Integrative Health.  PM: 5 miles + hill sprints + 20 minutes of core

Tuesday: AM: 10×1,000m off 90 seconds rest. Avg 3:00.8.  Again felt very smooth. Total AM 14. PM: 6 miles easy

Wednesday: AM: 16 miles in 1:47:50 with last 6 miles in 6:00-6:19. PM: 6 Miles easy + 20 minutes core

Thursday: AM 12 miles in 1:28 on Magnolia Road.  Easiest Mags have ever felt running any pace.

Now, I’m headed up to spend a little time in Estes Park on this beautiful day and do a 7 mile run + strides.

Hope you enjoyed my training the last 11 days.  I know I did!


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