12 Weeks

It’s now 12 weeks until the Olympic Trials.  How do you know when you have mentally recovered from a peak race?  You are excited to train again.  I’m writing this as I’m looking forward to meeting Matty Reed for a 9 mile easy run and then I’ll do some hill sprints.  I’ll double later in the day and most of the rest of the week, with a goal of 95-100 miles.  The past two weeks since Chicago have been really fun.  After seeing the doctor on Tuesday and getting antibiotics which finally cleared up the sore throat illness, I’ve been feeling much better.  I’ve done a bunch of cycling, hiking, camping, fly-fishing, and coaching.  On Friday the Centaurus Cross Country teams that I assistant coach both won the regional championships.  Neither the boys or girls had ever won a regional title.  They were tough and had a ton of fun.  The team chemistry or mojo is great and watching them give everything they had over the last kilometer of the race to win was an outstanding sight.  After the race I drove up into the Rocky Mountains past Winter Park to fish and camp with some friends along the Colorado River.  Two days consisted of getting up and running, eating breakfast cooked over the fire in a cast iron skillet, followed by fishing all day and returning for dinner over the fire again at night.  Relaxing?  Yes!  I seemed to get asked a lot what is the best way to recover after a peak race.  It’s an interesting question that everyone wants a scientific answer.  The problem is – there is no scientific answer!  I can’t say you need to run 6.78 miles everyday after taking 342 hours of no running.  The fact is you need to train lightly/take off/active recovery.  Most importantly, you know you have recovered when you aren’t sore and your mind is excited to train again!

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks.  Thanks to everyone for the nice words of encouragement after Chicago.

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One thought on “12 Weeks

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head Tyler – “ou know you have recovered when you aren’t sore and your mind is excited to train again!”

    So often I feel like everyone is interested in jumping back on the proverbial horse without he passion to stay up. It is clear that you have moved on from Chicago and are ready to really embrace the final run before the trials. The ride begins – I look forward to following along.


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