One Week

One week until the Chicago Marathon.  I’m excited to toe the line after training very well since Grandma’s Marathon.  This likely won’t be my last post before the race, but with the exception of one workout this week my training is done and it’s time to “taper.”  I’m not a huge fan of the word “taper” because I feel like it implies a magical gain in fitness.  I’m not expecting any magical gain in fitness, but a freshness in the legs and a complete preparation to run my goal race pace over the goal race distance on the course in Chicago.  In addition to preparing to run goal race pace over the goal race distance, I’ve specifically trained for heat and humidity by wearing extra layers of clothes.  If it’s hot on Sunday the 9th, I’m ready.

Summary of Training/Racing Last 13 Weeks…

Average Miles Per Week: 101.4

Highest Week: 124 miles (all miles at altitude)

Lowest Mileage Week: 78 Miles (Kauai Marathon)

Long Runs 20 Miles or more: 7

Longest Run: 27.2 Miles (Kauai Marathon, including warm-up)

Races in this Build-Up….

 9/18/2011  Rock N Roll Philly Half  PR  Half Marathon  1:04:59.00  24
 9/4/2011  Kauai Marathon  Marathon  2:23:20.00  1
 8/21/2011  USATF Colorado Half-Marathon  Half Marathon  1:08:31.00  2
 8/7/2011  USATF Colorado 10k  10K Road Race  30:17.00  2
 7/15/2011  Buffalo Subaru Chase 4 Miler  4 Mile Road Race  20:15.00  14
 7/10/2011  Boilermaker 15k  15K Road Race  46:51.00  15
 7/4/2011  4k on the Fourth  3 Mile Road Race  12:31.00  3

This past week I was fighting a cold that took 4-5 days until it was at it’s worst.  I never panicked, just did all of the little things to get over the sickness as quickly as possible (green tea with honey, Zicam, zinc losenges, Airborne, sleeping as much as possible).  Today’s (Sunday) workout went fine and once I get my voice back 100% I’ll be pretty excited. Speaking of sleep, time to read some of a new book I purchased, “The Chicago Marathon”  before falling asleep.  This week I also read “Again To Carthage” for the 2nd time, and have to say that reading is the best way to enjoy a “taper!”

Thanks for reading! Always be a “master of composure” during times of adversity and continue to do the little things to reach your goals!



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