Buy some Peanut Butter, Support a Charity!


I’ve been lucky to have the support and be an athlete ambassador for the company Chia Chargers. This superfood health company has the mission to introduce one of the world’s most powerful superfoods – the chia seed – into your diet.  I have been using the peanut butter on my oatmeal for months now and love the taste. There are also packs that contain three mini-bars, which I’ve consumed on multiple airlines when traveling to and from races.  The company goes beyond promoting health and delicious foods, they also want to give back.  Jason, one of the founders of Chia Chargers, approached all the athletes about a new line of nut butters called the “Charity Nut Butters.”  Each flavor was going to be named after an athlete and a portion of the proceeds will go to the charity of their choice.  Hence the product, “Tyler McCandless’s Chia Boulder Bolder!”

When Jason asked me about which Charity, I immediately though of the Kevin Dare Foundation.  Kevin was a pole vaulter for Penn State who tragically passed away after hitting his head pole vaulting at the Big Ten Championships in 2002.  The family set up the Kevin Dare Foundation to provide helmets to athletes across the country, raise awareness about pole vaulting safety, and provide scholarship money to the Penn State Track and Field Team in Kevin’s name.  After meeting his parents at the memorial golf outing each year and selling raffle tickets at Penn State football games, I can tell you how passionate they are about the foundation.

If you like very chunky peanut butter with a bit of a kick, then please try the Chia Boulder Bolder and support the Kevin Dare Foundation with each bite.  You can click on the previous link or go to the website  Note that you have to enjoy chunky style peanut & cashew nuts to enjoy this as it’s not a smooth & creamy style peanut butter (see picture below).  If you have any questions regarding Chia Chargers, the Kevin Dare Foundation, or the Chia Boulder Bolder nut buttter, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.  A big thanks to everyone at Chia Chargers and the Kevin Dare Foundation for their help in this cause!

Chunky Style Chia Boulder Boulder. Ingredients: peanuts dry-roasted without salt, cashew nuts dry-roasted without salt, agave raw, chia seeds, spice paprika.

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