USATF Colorado 10k Championships

Hello all,

This past weekend I competed at the USATF Colorado 10k Championships in the small town of Evergreen, Colorado.  Upon entering the town, you can see why it is aptly named Evergreen with beautiful green Evergreen trees covering the mountain at and above 7500ft.  The race was perfect timing to continue to learn to compete in this sport.  I’m looking forward to competing for the USATF Colorado Half-Marathon Championships on August 21st in Boulder, so the USATF Colorado 10k Championships 14 days out is a perfect practice.

The race went out very fast with the leader going through the mile around 4:30.  The course began at 7,600ft and ended at 7,300ft.  Although every mile was downhill, that was still a smoking fast first mile.  I stayed patient in about 4:42 and around 10th place. A second 4:49 mile put me in debt at this higher elevation and I suffered on miles 3 and 4 before regaining my composure and finishing with a very solid last two miles and almost exactly even splits for 5k.  I moved into 2nd place with about a mile and a half to go and had no hope of catching Mizuno teammate (and recent training partner) Patrick Rizzo.  I finished in 30:17 for 10k which I felt was a great run considering I haven’t rested for this race and have been training very hard over the last few weeks.  It was a good tune-up to prepare for the half-marathon in two weeks.  After the race, I put on Mizuno warm-up pants and jacket and continued another ten miles in 72 minutes with temperatures about 80F.  Heat training at it’s finest!

USATF Colorado and the Evergreen Town Race put on a fantastic event and I’m thrilled they are supporting American distance running by offering these championships.  Winning $300 and learning to compete over 10k at altitude is going to significantly help in my preparation for upcoming races! Thank you for all the volunteers, USATF Colorado, and RunColo.Com for the great write-up and pictures.  I’d highly recommend doing this race in the future even if it isn’t a USATF Colorado Championship.

Now, I’m in the Charlotte Airport on a layover before heading back home to Moore Township, Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately my Grandfather passed away when my parents were visiting me in Colorado last week.  I’m proud that my middle name is Charles, named after him (Charles Snyder) and was lucky enough to see him when I was at home in PA a few weeks ago.  Another reminder to always cherish the time you have with friends and family.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone is doing well.  Congrats to all those who competed at the Boulder 70.3 and the USATF Colorado Championships.

-Tyler Charles McCandless




One thought on “USATF Colorado 10k Championships

  1. Sorry about your grandfather, Ty! My grandfather, Karl, was one of my biggest influences in my life. I still miss him. My deepest sympathies to you and your father.

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