A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

In the last six days I’ve strung together some of the best training I’ve ever done.  It’s amazing the amount of training the body and mind can handle when you do all the little things right in training, recovering, and relaxing. This week I joined TRI-Massage which offers a ton of recovery options for only $59/month, including NormaTec MVP Compression Boots.

I’ve also been doing a lot more ‘heat training‘ as I’ve learned you need to prepare for the heat and humidity when I went home to the east coast for a couple races/training the prior two weeks. As you’ll notice in the training below, I’ve worn long sleeves or full sweets on a lot of runs even in temperatures of 85F.  I’ve focused on taking a nap everyday, getting to bed by 10PM every night, and refueling with HoneyMilk immediately post-run.

Sunday: 20.1 Miles in 2:10:00 on Magnolia Road (Elevation 8,300-9,000ft). Long sleeve t-shirt. Ran with Patrick Rizzo and Ruben Sanca.

Monday: AM: 10 Miles in 70 minutes on Creek path up Sugarloaf and back (Elevation 5200-6000ft) + drills and 8 Hill Sprints. Long sleeve t-shirt. PM: 60 Minute Massage by Rob at Peak Integrative Health. Late PM: 7 Miles in 55:00 with my roommate Chad wearing full warm-up sweats in 85F+ temps. 20 minutes of core after run.

Tuesday: AM: 10x1k on creek path loop, avg 3:06 cutting down 1 second each rep, 2 minutes jog recovery.  14+ total miles. Great having Patrick Rizzo and Matty Reed to workout with!  PM: 6 miles in 46 minutes, full sweats with temperatures over 85F. Late PM: Went to TRI-Massage to spend 30 minutes in NormaTec MVP leg compression boots.

Wednesday: AM: 15.8 Miles in 1:46:05 at Rollinsville with Rizzo. (Elevation: 8700-9300ft). Wore long tights, two shirts-one long sleeve.   PM: 4.2 miles in 30 minutes in tights and long sleeve with 85F temp. 20 minutes of core before run. Late PM: biked 3 miles to TRI-Massage, spent a few minutes on inversion table and then 30 minutes in NormaTec Boots, then 3 miles biking home.

Thursday: AM: 10.4 miles in 74 minutes with Jorge Torres wearing long-sleeve t-shirt. PM: 7.5 miles with Chad with long pants and long sleeve t-shirt in 85F temps again.  Did 10x100m strides on turf rec center soccer field after 15 minutes of barefoot drills. 10 minutes of pedestal core exercises afterwards.  Late PM: Back at TRI-Massage – inversion table and 30 minutes on NormaTec Boots.

Friday: AM: 3×3 mile cut-down workout with Patrick Rizzo and Matty Reed again. This was a perfect session, running slightly faster than goal pace on every rep. Goal was 5:30, 5:20, 5:10 on each rep (16min for 3 miles). Actual splits of 15:55 (5:23, 5:25,5:09), 60s recovery walk/jog, 15:48 (5:21, 5:21, 5:06), 60s recovery walk/jog, 15:41 (5:24, 5:18, 4:59). Warm-up and cool-down equaled 15+ miles.  Late AM: 20 minutes of core immediately following workout.  Drove to TRI-Massage and did inversion table and 30 minutes in NormaTec Boots.  PM: 5 miles in full sweats with temperatures approaching 90F.

Summary: 117 Miles in 6 days, 2 long runs @ 8500ft+, 2 hard workouts, hill sprints, strides, and plenty of ancillary work/recovery.

That’s probably the best six days of training I’ve ever had, but as I’ve always said – Consistency is key!  One important aspect of training is to never get too high or too down after a good or bad workout.  Let the training build confidence and be relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

Now it’s time to go bike with an athlete I coach here in Boulder, and then enjoy just an easy 6 mile jog with Jorge tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed reading about my training and you have been doing your absolute best in everything you do. Big thanks to all of my sponsors and the Road Runners Club of America for allowing me the opportunity to follow my passion. Also big thanks to some great training partners and friends that made these training session fun and successful!


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