Boilermaker and Buffalo


It has been too long since I’ve last posted, but I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family at home.  Two weeks ago I traveled back east to run the Boilermaker 15k on July 10th and then decided to also run the Buffalo Subaru Chase 4 Miler.  Both of these races I did last year and really enjoyed them.  The Boilermaker 15k was nearly a breakout race for me last year.  After a successful track season at Penn State, I stepped to the roads and surprised myself to run 46:04 and finish 3rd American (15th overall).  This year I was coming off Grandma’s Marathon 22 days prior with 15 days of running in between.  My fitness was still very high, but I lacked that track speed and the race felt more uncomfortable than I would have liked.  I had a great 14k race, but fell apart a bit in the last 1k to finished 15th overall again, but 4th American. I was happy with my time of 46:52 given that being in marathon shape is further from a 15k than being in track 10k shape. If you haven’t done the Boilermaker, I highly recommend it!  The crowds are loud the entire race and the course is challenging yet fast at points, as shown by my 4:32 5th mile split.

Tying my shoes before the Boilermaker 15k

After the race I traveled to Penn State to spend a few days at the Penn State Track Camp and get caught up with Coach Sullivan and friends.  Coach Sullivan was coaching at the Pan Am Jr Games the following week!  It was great to run with Ryan Foster and Luke Watson again, both guys I really enjoyed training with in State College.  The positive attitude of Coach Sullivan always inspires me and I left Penn State feeling like I could tackle the world.  Unfortunately Buffalo, New York had something else in store for me.  Temperatures of 85F made me practically melt after the first mile, and I faded to a very well beaten 20:15 over 4 miles.  The heat made it almost impossible to push through racing discomfort.  Five days earlier at the Boilermaker, I also felt that the heat significantly slowed me down.

Last mile of Boilermaker 15k.

Lesson learned: you need to be acclimated to the heat to run well in the heat.  The next week in Pennsylvania I trained with long sleeve shirts and occasionally tights to ‘heat train.’  Finally on my last two workouts on Friday I had two successful workouts, 14 days after coming back to the heat and humidity.  On that Friday it was about 95F with a dewpoint of 80F (brutal!) at 9am for 3×2 mile repeats and at 5pm for 10x200m average 32.  Both workouts I started conservatively and let me body adapt during it, negative splitting both workouts.  Live in Pennsylvania last year I slowly adapted to the increase in temperature and humidity during the year, but coming directly from dry Boulder, Colorado I’ve realized you need to ‘heat train’ by wearing additional clothing to acclimate to the heat.  Therefore, if you see me out running around Boulder in full sweats, you now know why!

I’ll continue to learn and grow physically and mentally from training and racing.  Thank you for following along on my website! Also, a huge thank you to the folks at the Boilermaker and Subaru Chase for having me in the talented fields as well as the generous hospitality!

Happy trails,



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