Last Post Before Grandma’s Marathon and a Prediction Contest!


I feel like it was yesterday I was typing up a blog post to recap the USA 15k Championships during my four days completely off of running.  After that, I started building up to Grandma’s Marathon.  Well over a thousand miles of running later I’m writing my last blog post in a Starbucks in Eugene, Oregon before the Marathon in a couple days.  This entire marathon build-up was done with Coach Brad Hudson and the last 25 days I’ve spent in Eugene, Oregon to train here with him.  A couple of stats to show the volume of work I’ve put in.

  • 10 Week Average Mileage: 111.3
  • 8 Week Average Mileage: 115
  • 5 Weeks over 118 Miles with Max of 130 (Max 7day period = 137)
  • 8 Long runs of 20+ Miles
  • 1:05:10 Half-Marathon during High Mileage
  • Most of this was at 5300ft+ altitude
  • 4 Hill Climbs up Lefthand Canyon (5600-6500ft in 6 miles)
  • 15 Mile Tempo/Progression Avg 5:15 Pace (Lorane Highway, Oregon)
  • 20 Mile Tempo/Progression Avg 5:20 Pace (Lorane Highway, Oregon)
Although this training is significantly better than I’ve ever done before, at 7:30:01 AM CST all of this is in the past and the goal is to run 26.2 miles from Two Harbors to Duluth as fast as I can.  The support from friends and family has been tremendous.  I certainly could not have done all of the work without the support from everyone.  Thank you all so much!
I’ve also had incredible support from my sponsors! approached me and asked if I would be interested in doing a prediction contest for my marathon time.  I contacted my sponsors and had an overwhelming ‘yes, we’d be glad too!’ response.  So, announced a prediction contest with some fantastic awards.  Guess my time correctly – or be the closest to it – and you will receive a free pair of Mizuno shoes, a case of Honey Milk, a 12-pack of Chia Chargers, a GU Sampler Pack, and both a pair of recovery and performance socks from SIGVARIS!  That’s a couple hundred dollars of awards, so guess away!
“Great moments are born from great opportunity”

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