Momentum, Momentum, Momentum

My college coach Beth Alford-Sullivan had a saying before a most big meets – “momentum, momentum, momentum.”  It’s an accurate description of what happens when ‘things start going your way.’  The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament ended a few weeks ago and there were several major upsets that crushed a lot of very good brackets.  What happened to a team like Butler in the tournament?  They rode the momentum and kept winning!

I always relate this mantra to my training as well.  When it’s going well – keep the momentum going! This morning I was out shuffling along starting my first of two 7 mile runs for the day.  I was pretty tired that first half mile and barely moving forward.  I had a beautiful 24 mile long run yesterday where I ran from my place to the end of the Boulder Creek Path, up 4th St to Wonderland Lake, a few laps around the lake, and back with a few add-ons. Of course I was going to be tired this morning!  A few years ago I would have become nervous I felt so tired and tried to force a faster pace. Instead, I had no problem running slow and stayed relaxed, enjoyed running along the South Boulder Creek on a beautiful Boulder morning. Before I knew it, I was back running high 6min pace and feeling smooth.

What is the message for this short blog post?  Do not be afraid to run easy and run relaxed! Stop looking at the garmin and forcing runs to be at specific paces on days they don’t need to.  Run by feel and run easy when you are supposed to.  When you do this you keep the momentum, momentum, momentum going!

Take it easy,



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