Rise and Grind

Lately I’ve been seeing the phrase  #riseandgrind on twitter each morning.  I felt like that was a good summary of my life toady.  After spending all yesterday afternoon and evening coaching my high school kids at a track meet in Denver, I woke up ready to tackle a very challenging workout.  I’ve been having a very good block of training and was really looking forward to this.  Just before 7:30am I was out pounding the dirt roads around the Boulder Reservoir doing a 10 mile warm-up before running in the Boulder Distance Classic 15k, where the goal was marathon pace/effort.  The first mile (according to my Garmin was 5:01 – the mile mark on the course was 1.33 miles into the race from my watch?) and then we settled in at right around 5:20 for the next 4 miles before I took the lead and pressed the pace down to as fast as 5:04.  I ended up winning in (I believe they announced a course record) time of 49:26.  Again, my garmin had the course a bit long at 9.46 miles – which is 5:13 pace.  After 5 minutes of adding on more layers of clothes I proceeded to run another 3 miles for a 22+ mile day.  Like I said #RiseAndGrind!

What was the big surprise for the day?  The fact that I ran the entire 22 miles in snow!  Even April 23rd it can be snowing in Boulder and mother nature sure proved that this morning. The Boulder Distance Classic was a great event with many friends there who also ran in either the 15k or the 5k.  I big thank you to the event staff and the Boulder Running Company for putting together a fun event and all the volunteers who came out in the early morning hours to set-up the race in the cold and snow.  Thank you!

I apologize that I haven’t updated the blog in a while.  I’ve been busier than normal with coaching at Peak to Peak High School.  I really want to be the best coach I can be so I’ve been a book worm reading up on every event, especially the triple jump and hurdles.  Watching some of my kids improve and get really excited after a good race, better hurdle form, or seeing progress in their workouts, has only reinforced my goal of becoming a successful college coach one day.  In terms of my own training – it has been nearly flawless with my highest mileage week ever (over 120) last week.  I’ve been flourishing under Coach Brad Hudson and even my massage therapist commented on how positive I’ve been lately. After cycling my mileage ‘down’ to 100 this week I’ll be shooting for another big week next week.  Like I said…Rise…And…Grind.  My next race is the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon May 7th.

If you are still reading – please check out this excellent article on Clara Grandt.  A Mizuno athlete and recent West Virginia graduate who has dedicated herself to running fast.  She recently debuted at Boston with a stunning 2:29:54 time and 3rd American.  http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=22595

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading! Time for a well-deserved nap!!



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