Mizuno Photoshoot

Last week I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for a two day photoshoot with Mizuno.  There were four other Mizuno athletes and several local athletes.  The first day we traveled to Stone Mountain park and had pictures taken in various locations throughout the park.  I was able to get in a workout in the morning and an easy 45 minutes around Stone Mountain in the late afternoon.  After showering back at the hotel we went to an excellent restaurant where the Atlanta Braves game was showing on multiple TVs.  After telling my story of how I became a Braves fan as a kid because I had a bunch of Chipper Jones rookie cards, I found out that Chipper is a Mizuno athlete!  How cool is it that my childhood athletic hero is sponsored by the same great company.  It was a pleasure spending time with the other Mizuno athletes and employees.  The second day we went into downtown Atlanta and filmed a couple more shots.  I ran a very pleasant 15 miler with Heidi Westover in the morning along some very rich neighborhoods that included a multi-million dollar home of Kenny Rodgers.  Heidi is the definition of hard work who has logged up to 250 miles in a week and routinely runs 200 miles each week.  She does this while being a full-time 5th grade teacher.  She was profiled in Running Times Magazine (found here) back in the fall.  Another five mile through downtown Atlanta out to a bike path that overlooked the city and back put me at 20 miles before 12:30pm on Wednesday.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the trip to Atlanta.  The actual pictures that were taken will be used for the fall/spring catalog in both the US and UK, the website, ads, and other misc photos.


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