On Wednesday I was running alone on Magnolia Road up at about 8700ft and enjoying some amazing views of snow capped mountains.  On the side of the road there were massive footprints that had to have been mountain lion prints because there is no way a dog could possibly have been that big.  On other runs this year I’ve seen coyotes, hawks, mule deer, bald eagles, and other wildlife. Last week I did a “hill climb” that was five miles up Lefthand Canyon from 5600ft to 6300ft.  Benita Willis was nice enough to film a cool little section where you can see the massive mountain rocks on either side.  Little too say, I love training in Boulder!

Tomorrow I leave for Charleston, South Carolina for the Cooper River Bridge Run.  It’s a 10k road race that always has both a good international and american field.  I’m looking forward to running with Luke Watson again as he will be competing there too.  It’s the first race as I’m building up to Grandma’s Marathon in mid-June!  Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to their spring races!


One thought on “Colorado

  1. Awesome mountain scenery and a serious hill climb!!

    Excited to hear that you are making another Minnesota appearance for Grandma’s marathon! It’s a mostly flat course and small town atmosphere, but well organized marathon. By the way, if you need a place to stay in Minneapolis if you are passing through here, you are welcome to stay with us…but I’m guessing you might be connecting at MSP to fly up to Duluth.

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