Consistency and Positive Energy

Another week goes by and another great week of training.  In the beginning of the week I did a nice session of 20×400 at Fairview HS Track here in Boulder.  It was solid and I closed the last two reps in 68 and 67 – faster than I’ve run in a very long time for 400m.  Maybe since NCAAs or a track workout in June at sea level.  On Saturday, I went to Littleton for a nice workout/race called the “Snowman Stampede” put on by Colorado Runner Magazine.  This was the Road Runners Club of America Colorado State 10 Mile Championships, which if that isn’t a mouthful I’m not sure what is.  The goal going in was a nice slight progression run with most miles around marathon pace.  I thought if I went 5:15s that would be a phenomenal workout.  I quickly established a lead and ran solo the whole race, running exactly as planned I picked it up the 2nd half with my fastest mile 9 of 5:07.  I was sub 26 on the uphill way back as well.  My time was 52:08 for 10 miles at 5300ft elevation is a great workout in the middle of a 120 mile week.

Elevation Profile of Snowman Stampede Course Courtesy of Bret Stevens

Little to say, I’m feeling pretty confident about my fitness right now.  It was also very fun to win a race! I’m amazed at the positive energy in the Boulder/Denver running community.  The course was out and back on a bike path and I think 90% of the people going out where cheering for me when I was coming back!  I cannot wait until we get the group training/coaching going here in the area to surround myself with more of these positive runners and help coach them to their goals.  Colorado Runner Magazine and Runner’s Roost were very generous letting us talk about Hudson Training Systems with runners and handing out flyers and brochures.  I will definitely be doing more local races put on by Colorado Runner Magazine and Runner’s Roost in the future!

Here is a glipse of my training log the last three weeks with the types of workouts highlighted in red and the mileage for each day.  In the last two weeks I’ve run approximately 110 and 120 miles.  This week should be no different as I’m already at 53 after just three days.

Training Log for Last Three Weeks

Ok, it’s time to head to Fairview for a nice little speed session.  Very excited for this weekend as the Big 10 Indoor Track and Field Championships will be going on.  My former teammates at Penn State are having a great season and I can’t wait to see how well they run!  Good luck to everyone competing and training, and thanks for following my blog!




2 thoughts on “Consistency and Positive Energy

  1. Tyler, it is awesome to have you and the Hudson Training Systems in the Boulder/Denver area running community. You’ve definitely kicked the competition up a notch in the local running scene. I’m confident that runners will be banging down door of the Hudson Training Systems and that you’ll be maxed out with members before you know it.

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