Hudson Training Systems

In exciting news today, we finally announced the new business that James Carney, Brad Hudson and I have formed.  It’s called, “Hudson Training Systems” and the website is Http://  We formed the idea because we really want to work with more athletes in both the local community and online.  Check out the web site and read more about what we have to offer runners and triathletes of all abilities.

In other good news, training has been going great!  Last week was about 110 miles and this week I’m on track to run even more miles.  Tomorrow I will be doing the Snowman Stampede 10 Mile road race in Littleton, Colorado as a nice workout in another great week of training.  I’m really looking forward to competing at the USA 15k Championships in Jacksonville, Florida March 12th.  Sorry I haven’t posted in two weeks and will try to post more now that we’ve gone public.  Please check out!!  Also – a big thank you to my roommate and fellow Penn State XC alumni Chad McKonly for designing the logos!




One thought on “Hudson Training Systems

  1. Nice to see this. Will be looking into this more Tyler. Was looking for some coaching as I head down the stretch to Chicago again, still trying to get that Boston Qualifier. Now got to get a bit faster with the bar being raised. Have followed a combo of Hudson’s and Daniels book in the past and certainly like Hudson’s thoughts on adaptive training, got me through my PR’s last year.

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