Leave No Stone Unturned

I wake up from my nap on Sunday and realize what I just did.  I followed the saying, “leave no stone unturned” in my quest to become the best runner I can be.  After the race on Saturday I did another hour run in the evening.  On Sunday morning after breakfast I ran from my place to the “bobolink” trailhead to meet a very fun group of guys for long run.  We did 70 minutes together, then I added on with James Carney, and then I ran home.  The total time of the run was 2 hours and 25 minutes.  That’s quite a long run!  When I get in the door, it was all about recovery.  I went to the bathroom to turn on the cold water to fill the tub.  Then I went to the kitchen, made a GU electrolyte drink, and put a pot of water on to boil.  I then did about five minutes each of various mobility exercises/leg swings, foam rolled, and rope stretched.  I then grabbed the GU electrolyte drink, a couple of trays of ice cubes – which I threw in the tub, and sat in the tub for a homemade ice bath.  After ten minutes of freezing my legs, I showered and put Ronzoni Garden Delight penne in the pot, had some tuna for protein,  added organic spinach and brocolli to the pasta, and finally topped with marinara sauce.  A healthy meal high in a lot of antioxidants.  I then took my iron supplement, which I’ve never had low iron but take as a precaution with one meal per day that does not have any calcium and high in Vitamin C.  After eating, I lay down in bed and take my daily recovery nap.  When I wake up, I had a Honey Milk to keep the protein synthesis going – i.e. keep rebuilding the muscles!

Later that evening I did thirty minutes of core, weights, easy biking and a stretch.  The next day I felt great and doubled for 15+ miles with some speed drills + strides + 12second hill sprints.  On Tuesday I came back with a solid session of mile repeats on the track, and a 2nd run of an hour.  I ended up with four quality days that totaled approximately 76 miles.  The question is…how did I feel Wednesday morning?  I ended up feeling awesome and cruising along for 13 miles out at the Boulder Reservoir with some good friends.

It was so windy for the Wednesday Run group that the camera was tilting on the tri-pod!

This brings me back to the “Leave No Stone Unturned” title of the post.  The 3-4 hours post-long run were crucial for recovering and staying healthy.  In one day, one month, one year, and one decade from now “all of the little things” will continue to add up and I’ll know that I’ve done everything I can to become the best I can be!

One week from now I’ll be boarding the plane to Houston to compete at the US Half-Marathon Championships.  I’m excited to lace ’em back up and get out there!  Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading!


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