Cross Country Racing!


This morning I competed in “The Fast and Flurry-ous 4 Miler.”  The race took place near Fairview High School in Harlow Platts Community Park.  The 1.35 mile 3x loop course (4.1 mile race) was a mix of snow, ice, mud, sand, grass, dirt, with many tight turns and one big hill that we ran up and down three times.  I decided to do this race because I knew there would be very good competition and I wanted to run hard.

Since this was my 3rd hard workout since the marathon – one of which was a failed progression run, I was not expecting anything but to try and run tough.  I’m in pretty good shape with about 107 miles last week and I’ll probably wind up with around 110 this week.  I have been focusing on building a base though with a lot of quality runs and solid medium distance and long runs.  The first mile I was in 9th place with a 5:04.  It felt hard and I could taste the lactic acid in my mouth already.  After that I moved up through the field and finished 4th place in 21:31 for 4.1 miles, behind three very talented runners.  This was a nice confidence boost for me because I was not prepared for a hard four miles over cross country and I felt very strong throughout the whole race.  It was also the first time I raced at altitude at a distance less than a half-marathon distance.  I know when I go to Houston and to Pensacola at the end of the month/early next month I will be very ready to compete very well over 13.1 miles and 9.3 miles respectively!

It was great to see so many really nice friends in Boulder today.  Many of the group from the Wednesday/Sunday runs also laced up today and it was so much fun cooling down with them and chatting away.  Most of them will be running in San Diego in a few weeks and I’m excited for their results! Thanks to Boulder Running Company for putting on a great race and Justin Mock of Run Colo Running for taking some great action shots!

Speaking of people racing this weekend, good luck to Benita Willis tomorrow as she competes in a IAAF cross country meet in Seville.  Also, good buddy Luke Watson competed in the mile in Bermuda, placing 2nd in 4:20 only a few hundreds of a second away from the win!  He will come back tomorrow and compete in the marathon!  Yes, the mile and marathon double two days apart!  Luke’s a competitor (and a former champion of the race I just ran in!) and I know he’ll do well! Finally, congrats to Penn State on some phenomenal performances at their home invitational…Go State!

Well it’s time for me to head out for another hour of running.  I guess this is a fitting moment to say, “the trial of miles, miles of trials.”



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