Getting Back in the Game

It feels good to be called a “marathoner” and have my2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier.  It feels even better to be back training at 100% after some downtime post-marathon.  Last week I totaled 107 miles, although most of it at an easy pace.  After a perfect fall in terms of weather, it’s become more of a typical Colorado winter (according to climatology) with weekly snowstorms and cold temperatures yet some days sunny and 50F.  Coming from Pennsylvania I am amazed at the snow removal – or lack-thereof – here in Boulder.  Most streets are still just packed snow that has never been plowed.  The bike paths have been plowed very well though, which is opposite of PA.  On Friday I did a session of 10x2min with James Carney and then helped pace Benita Willis in a mile at the end of her workout…which was awesome.  During that workout I had on a Mizuno drifit T-shirt and half-tights because it was already 50F and sunny at 10am!  On Sunday, the two hour long run was in moderate snow and 20F.  This afternoon I did a second run with Brent Vaughn and came home to see was reporting it to be 1.2F. The amazing thing about Colorado is that although the temperature changes so much, it never feels that cold when it is not windy.  I’ve run in 0F in Pennsylvania before and my lips literally cracked and started bleeding after three miles.  Today I was almost overheating in long tights and two half-zip jackets. As a weatherman I should probably understand why it feels warmer at altitude with the same temperature (Note that I do believe it has something to do with the amount of moisture in the air) but either way I love it.

The title of the post does say it all…I’m back in the game!  This Saturday I’ll probably be racing a 4 mile cross country race here called the “Fast and the Flurryous Four Miler” as a nice way to shake the rust off and get in a hard workout.  The following weekend I might find a local 5k or 10k to use as part of a workout and a last hard effort 7 days from the US Half-Marathon Championships held in Houston, Texas on the same course (8 mile loop course) that the 2012 Olympic Trials will be held. The weekend after that I’m racing a 15k in Pensacola, Florida called the Double Bridge Run.  After the marathon I realized the closest feeling to the marathon was running hard + long on tired legs.  Similar to how I felt during the BAA Half-Marathon in early October. Benji Durden (2:09 marathoner at the Boston Marathon) has given me advice at the track before and he used to race hard and very often.  He felt it “caulused his legs” for racing the marathon.  I’m excited to try this out again as I did this summer when I did two half-marathons, the Utica Boilermaker 15k, and the Buffalo Subaru Chase 4 miler in approximately 30 day period.

Lastly, check out this cool video from Penn State athletics. It is a video from the banner ceremony to celebrate an era of champions when Penn State Cross Country won three national titles. One alumni talked to a bunch of the guys and he shared some of their training…which is very different than “traditional training” today.

  • no morning runs
  • no Sunday runs
  • Monday over distance, 3-5 with one person claiming a 7 mile run
  • Tuesday some hills at the country club, Centre Hills today
  • Wednesday a little pick up run
  • Thursday a shake out day
  • no Friday runs
  • Saturday race

Regardless of the training, these guys were tough!  Most of them served in the war and would sometimes take 8 years to graduate.  Pure inspiration, a big thank you to them!

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Game

  1. Hey Tyler,

    I noticed that you mentioned in your logs you are not coached by Jay Johnson anymore. I was wondering what went behind to leave Jay’s group and did you move onto a new coach?

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for following my running! I’ll address the issue soon. Hope you are doing well and thanks again for following my training and adventures in the sport 🙂


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