Why Honey Milk is the Ideal Recovery Drink!


Today I wanted to make a post on why Honey Milk is the perfect natural recovery drink. I get asked about my sponsors and what they ask of me.  I want to preface this post by saying they did NOT ask me to write this.  I have this blog to share my training, racing, and distance running adventures.  In August I shared a story about pet-sitting and a dog “hating to lose.”  I hope you don’t think the owners of the dog made me create a blog about Truman!

I’ve also been asked if I actually drink Honey Milk or just promote it.  Honestly, I drink at least one, but more often sometimes two or even three Honey Milk bottles a day to fuel my training and more importantly, my recovery.  I’m a firm believer in “doing all of the little things” right in preparing for races.  I have seen or heard of athlete stories where they didn’t watch their nutrition for months and years before excessive fatigue set in.  Anthony Famiglietti is a noteworthy Olympian who battled that exact issue (see runfam.com to buy the Run Reckless DVD) and changed his nutrition for the better. Running a great session on the track is only one part of the recipe to become a better runner.  My mom is an amazing cook and I’ve learned a lot about cooking from her.  One thing we made over Thanksgiving was a cheesecake.  Marathon training is like putting all the ingredients in the proper order in the bowl and mixing them up and then pouring the batter onto the crust.  At that moment, everything looks like a cheesecake, but if you do not bake it for 45 minutes and then cool it in the fridge overnight, you are not going to enjoy eating the cake!  Nutrition, sleeping, stretching, and relaxation are the baking and overnight cooling steps of baking the cheesecake.  Putting the cherries on top is actually tapering for the race!

Honey Milk is important because of the nutritional value of it, the macronutrient composition (protein vs carbs vs fat), and because it is an easily digestible fluid. It’s also the ideal recovery drink because it lacks a lot of ingredients other recovery drinks have: such as antioxidants vitamin C and E, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and other supplemental vitamins.  A hard session on the track is  catabolic for the body, or in other words, training breaks down the muscles.  After the session is over, you want to turn the catabolic effect into an anabolic effect (i.e. start rebuilding the muscle damage).  Easily digestible carbohydrates combined with protein helps to start the rebuilding process.  In addition to having carbs/protein, Honey Milk also is a fluid that helps replace the sweat lots through exercise. The reason to not include the antioxidants like vitamin C and E is that they “artificially” neutralize free radicals when we want our body to learn and become more efficient on its own to neutralize free radicals.  For more information, see HERE and HERE.

The protein composition of Honey Milk is also very important.  Honey Milk is created by extracting the milk protein from the milk, leaving 80% Casein and 20% Whey proteins.  Whey proteins are fast absorbing and casein proteins are slower absorbing.  Thus, drinking Honey Milk right after exercise will give your body immediate protein synthesis and a longer lasting protein synthesis! Also, Honey Milk is lactose free, which many people cannot absorb the sugar lactose.  The lactose is replaced by natural sugar or honey.  Vanilla and Honey flavors contain 26 grams of protein, which is also an ideal amount of protein for post-exercise (citation).

Honey Milk is an ideal recovery drink and I use it everyday!  I hope that you try it in your training as well!


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