Rest and Relaxation

Today is now 16 days post-marathon.  For the first two days after the marathon the soreness was unreal.  I remember the next morning have to reach down and pick my legs up with my arms to get them out of bed.  The process of getting my torso out of bed seemed to take minutes.  After those two days, I recovered very quickly.  I found that I recovered best with lots of “active recovery.”  I ended up biking just a few miles short of 100 miles that week.  However, most of these miles were with other people running – they were not much of a workout but enough to get the legs moving and the blood flowing.  My roomate Chad has been awesome helping to improve my bike and generously put some cool new road tires on my Specialized Tricross.  I took a week completely off and spent last week just running easy everyday.  Now, I’m working on building my miles back up and will start workouts sometime after Christmas.

Trail between Flagstaff Road and Green Mountain

This past week the weather has been outstanding in Boulder…well since I moved here August 19th the weather has been nearly perfect.  I went on a couple hikes last week and the views were amazing.  It was really cool to be out alone in the woods for 3 hours hiking from 5700ft up to 8150ft and back down.  I carried a nice knife with me, just in case a mountain lion or some other rocky mountain critter decided to come after me.  I’m not sure I could have fended off a mountain lion with a 2.5 inch blade, but at least it gave me some false sense of security!

View from about 8,000ft on the top of Green Mountain

Yesterday I attempted to go home but my flight was delayed an hour from leaving Denver.  This meant that I was now going to miss my connection in Detroit.  I’m not rebooked for this afternoon and I’m traveling through Atlanta.  I look forward to getting home and spending time with my family and friends before getting to work in preparation for the US Half-Marathon Championships at the end of January in Houston, Texas.

Megan Duerring (my high school coach and good friend) and I

Other than that, I’ve been working on a blog post on why I believe Honey Milk is the perfect recovery drink.  I’ll post that in the upcoming few days.  Hope everyone is doing great and thanks for all the support post-marathon!


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