Rothman 8k, 101 miles, and a Speaking Engagement

Hello all!

Lots to catch up on the past few days and the upcoming few days.  First started with the Rothman Institute 8k in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday. After a 120 mile week last week, and 101 miles I ended up with this week, I was far from “tapered” for this race but thought I could compete well in the race regardless.  My legs didn’t feel bad and I was ready after warming up. The race has been won within a second of 24:17 the past three years and I expected something similar this year.  Wrong!  The race went out very fast.  It was slightly downhill the first (slightly less) than 1/2 mile and then slightly uphill the next (slightly more) than 1/2 mile so the first mile was a little uphill. The first mile split for me was 4:43 and I was at least 15s back of the top 3 and 10s back of the top 5.  I know my first half mile was significantly faster than the 2nd, so I bet my first half mile was around 2:15.  By mile 2, I was completely out of the top five and any chance at prize money.  After that, I ran a hard tempo without going “all out” as clearly the more important race is in 2 weeks at Cal International Marathon.  I ended up running 24:56 for 9th place, which I’m not going to lie I’m pretty embarrassed by.  It was sad with my high school coach who is one of my best friends and her husband, a really good friend, college roomate and his significant other, and my parents all being there and not competing at the front.  I’m fit though and it was still a great workout…it just want not the result I was looking for.  The winner ended up running a very fast 23:09 as well as 2nd place, who is an Olympian and New Zealand National Record Holder at 5k (13:10).

Start of Rothman Institute 8k

This Tuesday is another exciting day.  I will be giving a lecture at the Finish Line Running Store in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.  I will be talking about how I came from being a Northampton Konkrete Kid to an NCAA D1 All-American to a professional runner.  In addition, I will be talking about my sponsors, including Honey Milk who is providing free samples to those who come to the lecture.  I love giving back to the running community and am very excited for Tuesday night.  The event begins at 6:30pm and I will be there until approximately 9:30pm. The Finish Line Running Store is located at 10 South 4th St., Emmaus, Pa 18049.  Hope to see you there!!

Hope everyone’s training and racing is going well.  A lot of friends competed in Philadelphia this weekend.  My buddy Jeremy broke 80 minutes in the half-marathon, a friend Zach broke 3hrs for the first time, John Mikovits ran his first marathon, Jill ran a very quality 3:36, and Penn State Meteorology professor and friend Jerry Harrington ran 1:38.  Very cool to see so many friends running well!

…now less than 2 weeks until my marathon debut.  Excited about my fitness and ready to run very well!




FName LName City State Div Age Sex ChipTime ClockTime Overall SexPl DivPl AgeGrade
37159 Mourad Marofit Hebron KY MALES 25 TO 29 28 M 00:23:09 00:23:09 1 1 1 91.6%
36562 ADRIAN BLINCOE BRYN MAWR PA MALES 30 TO 34 31 M 00:23:09 00:23:09 2 2 1 92%
35019 Linus Maiyo Royersford PA MALES 25 TO 29 27 M 00:23:17 00:23:17 3 3 2 91%
36933 Rod Koborsi Bosotn MA MALES 25 TO 29 27 M 00:23:48 00:23:48 4 4 3 89.1%
36935 Michael McKeeman Ardmore PA MALES 30 TO 34 34 M 00:23:56 00:23:56 5 5 2 90%
35005 Gian-Paul Caccia New York NY MALES 20 TO 24 24 M 00:24:12 00:24:13 6 6 1 87.6%
35008 David Chorney Cambridge MA MALES 20 TO 24 23 M 00:24:16 00:24:17 7 7 2 87.4%
35003 Guy Alton Richmond VA MALES 25 TO 29 26 M 00:24:34 00:24:34 8 8 4 86.3%
35022 Tyler McCandless New York NY MALES 20 TO 24 24 M 00:24:56 00:24:57 9 9 3 85%
36938 Matt Sandercock Exton PA MALES 40 TO 44 41 M 00:25:13 00:25:15 10 10 1 89.6%



One thought on “Rothman 8k, 101 miles, and a Speaking Engagement

  1. Your race is in two weeks. I came simply to watch and support. Zero expectations, other than some QT with my BFF! I’m always proud to call you a friend. You’re an excellent runner and we were all happy to be there and had a total blast!

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