Down from altitude and feeling great!

Hello all,

I came down from altitude on Friday at 3:30pm and it’s now Tuesday evening.  At first, it was an interesting feeling as my breathing would start pretty heavily on hills and then get lighter by the end of the hill.  I hypothesize that my body feels like it needed the oxygen and then realized it was getting way too much.  Now a few days later I’m feeling great and my body is coming around to enjoy the extra O2.  Today was a great workout that totaled over 9 miles close to marathon pace.  It was steadily raining and in the 40s yet I felt so smooth and effortless by the end.  After a 120 mile week last week, that is a great sign.  Training has been great, but really, who cares about training?  What is really important are the races!  First up is the Rothman Institute 8k in Philadelphia this weekend to get the rust off and get a hard effort against good competition.  Then, the California International Marathon (CIM) lurks 15 days after the 8k.  I’m stoked to tie up my racing flats and leave it out there on the course.

NCAA All-American Block in the PSU locker room

My parents are on their way to pick me up from the Watson’s place, who have been amazing and let me stay the past several days at their beautiful home.  It was so much fun working out with Luke this morning and brought back memories of so many great long runs and other quality workouts and runs.  I’ve missed training with him and it was great the past few days to catch up.  It was also great to catch up with Penn State Coach Sullivan again.  I had so much fun over the past few years and enjoyed every mile I ran in a Penn State uniform/gear.  She has done a great job with the athletes on the team and BOTH the guys and girls qualified for the NCAA championships this year.  This is the first time it has happened since 1994!  She’s such a positive person that I’m leaving State College already happier (not that I was sad before!) than before I arrived.  I’m even more confident for running a great marathon!

2010 Penn State Men's Track Team Most Inspirational Award

In addition, I got to see my “block” that symbolized my all-american honors from the 10k last season.  It’s the biggest honor I have ever received and I love that it’s permanently in the locker room!  One ex-teamate said to me this weekend, “seeing your brick every day reminds me that you don’t have to be born the best to become the best, and that persistence pays off to everyone who has the patience to see it through. Thanks for that.”  Wow is all I can say to that.  I was also awarded Most Inspirational for the Men’s Track Team this past year, once again a HUGE honor that I can’t begin to say how much it means to me.  What a weekend!!! A little better than spending my Friday night in the hospital and 99% of the weekend on my bed in the fetal position, that is for sure!

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading! 19 days to the marathon!



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