Tulsa Run

Hello all!

Sorry it has been a week since I’ve last posted anything!  This weekend I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma and immediately upon returning I started moving into my new condo that I’m renting from another Penn State Cross Country alumni!  Little to say, I’ve been a bit busy!  Luckily, another friend and PSU XC alum James Carney had an air mattress that I could crash on until my best I ordered arrives this morning.

This past weekend was awesome.  I had originally planned to race the Tulsa Run 15k on October 30th when my planned “peak” race was the US Half-Marathon Championships.  When we decided to run the upcoming California International Marathon Dec 5th, running the Tulsa Run in the middle of hard training a few weeks after the BAA Half-Marathon did not make the most sense.  Instead, I continued to run over 100 miles for the week and did about 70 minutes of moderate running ending 10 minutes before the “race” began.  Then, I did some drills, skipping and strides and ran the race as a progression run.

With the exception of stopping to tie my shoe for almost 15 seconds at mile 5 (which I’ve never even on an easy run had a shoelace come untied?) the progression run went perfectly.  I ended up running approximately 2:18 for the final 800m and although I was running very hard, I had plenty of energy after 19+ miles.  I can tell if I worked out too hard when my cooldown is painfully slow, yet I was trotting around the mean streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma with energy after the race.  The workout was another boost in confidence since it was my longest run ever with 15k in 49:07 towards the end of the workout (official results show 49:19 because of the shoe-tying incident).  Even more important is the fact that I had plenty of energy left the rest of the day to enjoy Penn State beating Michigan in football, and awesome to hear both PSU XC teams placed 4th in the Big 10 Championships!!

More importantly, this weekend was filled with a lot of quality time with my Uncle Rick who lives near Tulsa.  He actually flew to Pennsylvania this summer to attend my MS commencement ceremony at Penn State.  I stayed at his place over the weekend, watched lots of college football on his bigscreen TV, cruised around Tulsa in his 1980 Corvette, and ate some very good food.  He even had a cake and celebrated my birthday since I was not home for my birthday this year.  There is nothing more important in life than family, and it was great to spend a few days of quality time with him.  He also took the really cool videos of the race for me.  He even made a beer pint glass with “Tulsa Run 2010” and the state of Oklahoma engraved on it.  I “celebrated” a great workout and weekend with two pints of Guiness while watching Penn State football beat Michigan at Uncle Rick’s place.

After a great weekend, another 100+ mile week with some very quality work, and some great Penn State athletics results, I’m excited to be almost moved into my new place and back in the swing of things.  I’ll be at altitude another 9 days before I leave for a two week thanksgiving trip, starting with a week at Penn State, an 8k at the Rothmann Institute in Philadelphia Nov 20th, and finishing with a fun week at home for thanksgiving with the family and seeing my hometown friends that I miss.  I’ll try to post more frequently and blog a little more about my marathon prep – specifically my thoughts, ideas, stories, and other motivation leading towards 26.2 miles in California!

All my best!


                              TULSA OK - OCTOBER 30, 2010
            ChronoTrack timing and results by Event Tech www.event-tech.com

                              15K COMPLETE OVERALL RESULTS
Place Cat Name                        City/state         Guntime Chptime M/mi  M/km  No.
===== === ======================= === ================== ======= ======= ===== ===== =====
    1     Macdonard Ondara        M25 Santa Fe NM          44:01   44:01  4:44  2:57     4
    2     Samuel Kosgei           M26 Santa Fe NM          44:24   44:24  4:46  2:58     5
    3     Leonard Muchera Maina   M31 Sun Prairie WI       44:40   44:40  4:48  2:59    17
    4     Edward Tabut            M26 Santa Fe NM          45:18   45:18  4:52  3:02     3
    5     Linus Maiyo             M27 Royersford PA        45:29   45:29  4:53  3:02     6
    6     Josphat Boit            M26 North Little Rock    46:33   46:33  5:00  3:07     7
    7     Brant Lutz              M35 Tulsa OK             48:41   48:41  5:14  3:15   105
    8     Josh Stewart            M25 Ada OK               48:44   48:44  5:14  3:15     2
    9     Sam Dech                M31 Oklahoma City OK     49:16   49:16  5:18  3:18    16
   10     Tyler McCandless        M23 New York NY          49:19   49:19  5:18  3:18    10
   11     Ezkyas Sisay            M22 Flagstaff AZ         49:31   49:31  5:19  3:19    13
   12     Belaihesh Gebre         F22 Flagstaff AZ         49:35   49:35  5:20  3:19     9
   13     Theron Stoltzfus        M25 Oklahoma City OK     49:54   49:54  5:22  3:20  2506
   14     Hilary Kogo             M29 North Little Rock    51:02   51:02  5:29  3:25     8
   15     Kevin Mayer             M19 Tulsa OK             51:04   51:04  5:29  3:25   103
   16     Wade Miller             M26 Edmond OK            51:41   51:41  5:33  3:27  5487
   17     Craig Ottman            M28 Keller TX            52:36   52:35  5:39  3:31    28
   18     Stephen Murphy          M33 Jenks OK             52:55   52:55  5:41  3:32    33
   19     Lucy Cherotich          F28 Zacatecas MX         53:13   53:13  5:43  3:33    87
   20     Cole Tunnell            M25 Garland TX           53:38   53:38  5:46  3:35  5714

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