Seeing Progress…


Today I was on my 2nd run cruising around a lake feeling great running 6:20s the last 2 miles of a 7 miler.  That might not seem impressive, but in the context of the training cycle it is.  Also on the run I saw a coyote about 20 ft from me, which was awesome.  3 out of the last 4 days and 5 of the 8 days have been at or above 20 miles.  In addition, this morning’s medium distance run included a run that started at 5600ft and climbed to approximately 7400ft before turning around and coming back.  Anyone can increase their mileage, workouts, and intensity and feel like they are improving, but I’ve learned over my years of running that the best improvements are by the way you feel when training hard.  In addition, I’ve been sleeping well and I’m far from irritable, also two key signs of over-training that I’ve ignored in the past.

Two other great signs for this fall training and racing cycle, I’ve been seeing two great sports med guys – my chiropractor/ART Dr. Richard Hansen and a massage therapist Rob Barber of Peak Integrative Health.  A week or two ago, Rob said that he could actually feel my musculature changing.  I actually can feel it too as I used to always have two “knots” on the outside of my calf muscle, which I rarely feel anymore.  On Tuesday, Dr. Hansen noticed that my hamstring flexibility was improving.  If anyone has seen me stretch before, that’s a big deal.  I recall the “V-sit reach” test in middle school I was +6 inches, meaning I was 6 inches from touching my toes.

It’s great to see improvements and I’ve been loving my time in Boulder thus far.  This weekend I am traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit my Uncle Rick and get in a great workout as part of the Tulsa Run 15k.  These next few weeks will be the toughest segment of my training before the California International Marathon Dec 5th and I look forward to the journal.

Hope everyone is doing great and good luck to the Penn State Men and Women’s Cross Country teams this weekend at the Big Ten Championships!!  I look forward to seeing great results from the #24 ranked team in the country, the men’s PSU XC team!

My best collegiate memory...qualifying for NCAAs as a team for the first time in over a decade!




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