Change of Plans, I’m running the California International Marathon!

Hello all,

Today’s an exciting day as Coach Jay and I decided it was best to run the California International Marathon December 5th! Training has been going great ever since I’m moved to Boulder to be coached by Jay and train with Kenyon and Brent.  I have had a couple of weeks above 100 miles but more importantly have had really good long run, longer workouts, and numerous double-days above 20 miles.  I really enjoyed the BAA Half-Marathon and although I was slower (1:06:06) than my goal time (sub 1:05), it was a very positive experience.  I averaged 5:02 pace on a very challenging course.  The pace – but really the uphills – took its toll on my legs, which were pretty fatigued from some quality workouts the week before.  Aerobically, it wasn’t that challenging, which once again builds my confidence for the marathon.  It’s funny that a year ago today I was amazed at guys running 5:00 pace for the marathon.  Now, I know it’s just a matter of learning the 26.2 mile distance, a bunch of high volume weeks, and some very good long runs/workouts.  I’m also young as I just turned 24 on Thursday when the average age of elite marathoners is 29, according to this article by Sweat Science.  Although 100 miles a week might sounds like a lot, to reach the very elite level and be competitive on the world level it is going to take 140 mile weeks.  I have several years to build up to that weekly volume and reach my prime.

Although I’m not going to be as ready as myself in five years, I’m well prepared for a great run at Cal International.  This does slightly change my race schedule.  I will still be running the Tulsa Run 15k at the end of the month, but will now likely be running the Rothman Institute 8k November 20th in Philadelphia rather than the Philadelphia Half-Marathon that is a day later. I’m excited to make California International Marathon (CIM) my first marathon because CIM really cares about developing elite distance runners like myself.  They offer a $1,000 bonus for any American running sub 2:19 and hitting the 2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier.  As I’ve mentioned in my blog before, I’ve tried to qualify at the San Francisco 2nd Half-Marathon and the BAA Half-Marathon with a sub 1:05 performance, but fallen about a second and a minute short respectively.

Obviously in order to run very well at CIM, the Tulsa Run 15k and the Rothman Institute 8k will be worked into training rather than any sort of taper for them.  In the upcoming six or so weeks I’ll be posting more about my training and preparations for the marathon!  Feel free to comment on anything specific you want me to blog about!

Thanks for reading and following my adventure to 26.2 miles down the streets of Sacramento, California!!


3 thoughts on “Change of Plans, I’m running the California International Marathon!

  1. Ty,
    Congrats on stepping up to the Big Distance. Hope the weather holds up for you in Boulder and you can get in the longer Marathon Specific work over the next 6 weeks.

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