Miles of Trials, Trials of Miles

One of the most “famous” running books is “Once A Runner” by John L. Parker Jr.  (There was a recent interview with Run Blog Run which is well worth the read).  In the book, the star Quenton Cassidy goes through intense training to read the next level.  He refers to this as going through the “miles of trials, trial of the miles.” All long distance runners know the feeling of this, when you’re running so many miles that most friends and family think something is wrong with you.  (Side note: if I get told one more time that “you run more miles than I drive in a week” … I might go insane.)  I love the feeling of the this, and I have definitely struggled this week after running the BAA Half-Marathon with recovery.  I’ve done a very good job, following Coach Jay’s orders, but I’d give anything to be outside running in the dark right now putting in the miles of trials!

For a reason which I’ll explain in my next blog post that will definitely shake up my next seven weeks, I went back and examined my training since January 1st, 2008.  I thought I’d describe in this blog post some of my training summary for the past few year.  In those weeks, I’ve averaged 83.9 miles a week.  Although that might not sound entirely too impressive, remember that in those year and months I’ve had a couple of weeks of 0 miles where I was taking completely off.  Also, some of those weeks were low during “taper weeks.”  In that time, I also had 37 weeks at or above 100 miles.  That to me is a very impressive number, almost a year of 100+ mile weeks!

Today was my first solid “workout” since running the BAA Half-Marathon Oct 10th.  It was a 14 mile run with strides thrown in averaging just faster than 6:00 pace.  What is really awesome about the “workout” was how easy it was.  During miles 10-11 I was chatting with Jay who was biking with us…afterwards I thought about how easy conversation was at sub 6 minute pace at 5300ft.  I’ve come a long way in a few months and I’m excited about my fitness. It’s also great to see training partners Kenyon Neuman and Brent Vaughn have a fantastic long run today.  It’s motivating when everyone’s fitness is progressing and we are all so positive about our futures.

Next week, I’ll be going back to the Miles of Trials and look forward to competing at the Tulsa Run 15k at the end of the month and spending a fun weekend with my Uncle Rick!  Thanks for reading and good luck with your goals!


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