BAA Half-Marathon Recap

As I sit here in the Logan Airport awaiting my flight back to Denver/Boulder, I feel very excited about my training thus far and my potential in this sport of road racing!  Even though today did not go as planned, there are a lot of positives I can take away from the race and the weekend.  First, I have to thank the BAA for putting on such a phenomenal event and letting me be apart of it.  The trip, experience, and race was first class all the way.  Every single official I had contact with was remarkably friendly, courteous, and helpful.  Second, I met a lot of new friends on this trip.  On Friday Ruben Sanca and Tim Guerin were nice enough to drive from Lowell to meet me for a fun seven mile run around Franklin Park.  It was great meeting two young distance runners who train very hard and sacrifice a lot to become the best they can be…I wish them the best of luck in their upcoming races!  I also had a chance to talk with Terry Shea of the BAA who I’d met once last year and gave me helpful advice on the course.  He’s running Baystate Marathon next weekend and I wish him the best of luck in the marathon!!

On to the race itself – there were a lot of positives.  I moved to Boulder August 19th.  My first workout was a week later.  That gave me about 4 1/2 weeks of workouts to prepare for this race.  In doing so, Coach Jay and I had to kind of sacrifice a “taper” and continue to progress training.  My last two weeks (104, 102 miles) were two of the best weeks of training I’ve ever had.  It’s hard to have both the best training and the best racing of your life at the same time.  This course was also much much harder than I anticipated. The beginning miles were not that fast, and after miles 4-5 I swear the rest of the course was uphill or at least each mile had significant hills.  None of the hills were steep, but they were slow.  Two turn around and a couple sharp turns slowed down the time as well.  I’m not complaining about the course at all as the event was great, but the fact that I underestimated the difficulty of the course made my pre-race goals somewhat unrealistic.  Terry compared this course to Houston (which he ran both and ran the BAA Half when the course was reversed and downhill the second half) and said the BAA course then was 90 seconds slower than Houston.  If that is correct, I’d be in 1:04:30ish fitness right now on tired legs…that is motivating and exciting to me!!  In addition, Ruben trains with Nate Jenkins who Ruben claims ran 1:07 on the BAA Half course before his 2:16 marathon and 1:06:57 on the BAA Half course before his 7th place 2:14 Olympic Trials performance.  Maybe those numbers are not exactly accurate as he was going off memory, but another good indication that my fitness is really really good.

I’m very much enjoying my time in Boulder training hard and now getting to race!  The support from friends and family is outstanding and I can’t express how much it helps.  I am now really looking forward to the Tulsa Run 15k and spending time with my Uncle Rick for a few days in Tulsa!  I’ll be taking the next few days easy and then getting back to significant training again.

Well the flight is about to board and I need to do the Myrtle Routine before the flight, so hope everyone had a great weekend of racing/relaxing/training!

1 1/338 5 M3539 John Korir 35 M Kenya 23:26 47:07 1:02:20 1:02:21
2 1/123 1 M2024 Alan Kiprono 20 M Kenya 23:26 47:07 1:02:21 1:02:21
3 1/374 3 M2529 Linus Maiyo 27 M Kenya 23:26 47:16 1:03:06 1:03:06 Nike
4 2/374 2 M2529 Julius Kogo 25 M Kenya 23:26 47:49 1:04:05 1:04:06
5 2/123 6 M2024 Elkanah Kibet 24 M Kenya 23:59 49:17 1:05:06 1:05:06
6 3/123 8 M2024 Colin Leak 23 M Chadds Ford PA 24:54 49:44 1:05:25 1:05:25
7 1/386 12 M3034 Isaac Birir 31 M Kenya 24:39 49:44 1:05:38 1:05:38
8 4/123 7 M2024 Tyler McCandless 23 M Boulder CO 24:39 49:56 1:06:06 1:06:06
9 5/123 9 M2024 Christopher Erichsen 24 M St. Paul MN 24:41 50:26 1:06:37 1:06:37
10 6/123 22 M2024 Timothy Ritchie 23 M Brighton MA 26:06 51:45 1:07:49 1:07:52 BA

5:42 last 1.1


5 thoughts on “BAA Half-Marathon Recap

  1. You had a great race… your perspective on the race is definitely encouraging for me. This whole scene is new for me, I guess I was in aw of you guys and knew I was over my head…

    But this… this was nice to read…

    good luck the rest of the season and nice meeting you

    Hopefully I will see you soon at a race!

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