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Today I thought I’d do a fun post about Mizuno’s history and racing team.  When I was in high school I competed for Northampton High School (yes, I was a Konkrete Kid or K-Kid).  One of the high schools in District 11 which always had at least one, if not several, great athletes was Libery High School.  In fact, one of my best races was at Monocacy Park in Bethlehem when I broke a course record that was several decades old.  It was one of those races where a duel meet had a bunch of good runners, the pace went out hard, and the rest was history. The local TV station, Service Electric, actually covered the meet and I had my first TV interview after that.  It was a great day to say the least!

After the race, Liberty’s (the host school) Coach Bill Ruth came up to me and congratulated me and told me how impressive of a time it was.  He said his Liberty guys had been chasing that record for over a decade.  It was probably my favorite race experience in high school cross country that I ever had and was honored and inspired by the words of Coach Ruth.

Now, about 6 years later, I’m living in Boulder, Colorado and I am again about 30 minutes from Coach Ruth, who now coaches at Estes Park High School! Last weekend, Bill and his wife Sherry were nice enough to let me stay two nights in their beautiful log cabin home.  I went to practice with him and was amazed at how similar a lot of the ancillary work (drills, barefoot exercises, core work) was to the general strength routines that we do in Jay’s group now.  It was a BLAST hanging out with Sherry and Bill in Estes and hearing their great stories.  Here is the amazing coincidence, Bill was one of Mizuno’s first sponsored American athletes!  He was a triathlete ranked 4th in the world at one point! He told a story of how his bike broke a mile from the finish of one race, so he had to carry it and run to the finish!!  There was a poster of the Mizuno athletes that Bill had in his house.  I took a picture of it to post on here.  Bill is on the far right leaning on his bike.  Such a cool story and so glad I can wear the same Mizuno jersey as a great athlete, coach, and friend!

Another currently sponsored Mizuno athlete is a good friend I’ve made over the past two years, Luke Watson.  Luke will be running the Steamtown Marathon this Sunday and I wish him the best of luck!  He’s in great shape and I’m excited to see how fast he runs!

I’m also excited to race in the Mizuno Universe 3 racing flats!  These little guys weigh in at barely 3.8oz!  I’ve been working out with them and love them.  They are so lightweight yet still have a bit of support, which is perfect for road racing!  I can’t wait to put them on and toe the line with some great athletes on Sunday in the BAA Half!

Hope everyone is doing great, and thanks again Bill and Sherry for an outstanding couple of days!



2 thoughts on “Mizuno Racing Team

  1. I remember that poster! Funny! I also remember that I once interviewed Bill (well, a number of times) for a magazine piece. He said he was experimenting with riding 100 miles on a bike in the heat of the day, but not drinking! I said: “Bill, ah, that sounds a bit crazy…” He goes: “You can teach the body to go without water! Hell, camels don’t drink!”

    I said: “Bill. Repeat after me. You are not a camel…” 🙂

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