Lots of Competition this week!


I feel like I just posted last weeks training yesterday.  This week has just flown by with more consistent workouts, ancillary work, and various races I watched or helped out with!  In a brief summary, this week ended up with 102 miles and seven hours of ancillary work!  In addition, I managed to hit a “workout pr” with a 4:36 fifth mile in a series of five mile repeats on Marshall Road. Mile reps 1,3,5 were in this direction, with a slight net downhill.  Still, running a 4:36 at altitude and averaging 4:48 was a great day…not to mention that was only a part of the workout and only five of the 102 miles for the week.  The week had three days of 20+ miles and two “long” runs of 15 each.  Little to say, I’m excited about my fitness for next weekends BAA Half-Marathon and my first race at sea level since moving to altitude.

Elevation of Marshall Road: Max 5510ft and Min 5460ft.

Besides my training, this week was filled with watching competition.  On Friday I went to a high school meet with Estes Park Coach Bill Ruth and cheered on his team.  I’m going to have a post in a few days that highlights Mizuno, since Bill was one of the first Mizuno athletes (also a triathlete ranked 4th in the world at one time) and I’ll be racing the BAA Half in an awesome pair of Mizuno flats that I want to blog about.  Anyway, the high school meet was great and his women’s team won their division.  After the meet, Bill had me untie a shoe in front of the team and parents.  Then, retie the shoe.  Afterwards he gave a speech to the team that I’m no different than them and I tie my shoes the same way they do.  He went on to say how I’m following my dreams and continuing running to try to become the best I can be.  I had chills up my spine listening to him tell this to his team…I was honored and still in somewhat disbelief of how nice that speech was.

Also, leaving his place in Estes Park Saturday morning to head down to watch the CU team run in their home meet, the Rocky Mountain Shootout, I was amazed to see two big male (bull) elk fighting.  It was so cool, I was a total tourist and pulled over to take a picture…

The Rocky Mountain Shootout was a blast to watch as two CU friends and athletes went 1-2 with Joe Bosshard winning and Andy Wacker coming in second.  I was fortunate enough to work as camp counselors at the Boulder Running Camps with them in the summer of 2009.

Today (Sunday), I helped pace a race called, “Racing With The Stars 5k” where professional athletes paced runners to their goals.  I was in charge of the fastest group, the 18-19 minute group.  One guy was shooting for sub 18, but after two perfect mile splits he faded to an 18:13.  However, I did have one guy come up to me and tell me that I really helped him hit his goal time in the 19s – a new pr for the last 20 years!!  I went back and cooled down cheering on the other runners.  One little guy, must have been no more than 7 years old, was trying to finish with his dad.  I gave him a bunch of high fives to keep him going, which was very fun.

Anyway, a great week of training, several fun competitions, and a couple days spent with one of the most knowledgeable and passionate coach/friend Bill Ruth and his wife made this week go by way too fast.  The good news is, less than 7 days until the BAA Half! No limits on that race!




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