100+ Miles for the week!

Hello everyone!

Today marked a pretty good milestone most runners know about, passing the “century mark” or 100 miles in a week.  The exciting part about it is that this is the first week this fall at altitude above 100 miles.  In the past, a lot of my 100+ mile weeks (which there are quite a number!) I would double five days a week.  This week had only three doubles (10 total runs), and the total miles on four days (Tues/Wed/Fri/Sun) was 78!

Today’s run was 2 hours and 20 minutes.  We (Brent Vaughn, Kenyon Neuman, and a friend Rob who is running Chicago in two weeks) started from the Mesa Trail at 6000ft and climbed up Bear Peak to 8500ft, ran/hiked back down – which completely trashed my quads – and then picked up the pace on the rolling trails that surrounded the mountains until 2:20 was up.  I was definitely bonking on this run, trying to keep up the last 50 minutes was a challenge.  Not only were my legs practically rubber, I was running (pun intended!) out of glycogen. After a few drills, we then spent twenty minutes doing a Coach Jay routine that included throwing an 8lbs med-ball overhead 40 times.  After a nap and watching some Philadelphia Eagles, I’ll be headed to Rally Sport for more drills and a nice easy swim.

Here is a quick glance at my training for the week

Mon: 10+ miles with strides, 20 minutes of ancillary work.  1.5 hr nap in the morning and an hour walk in the evening. 20 minute evening swim.

Tue: 13 miles total in the morning (600m hill repeats), over an hour of drills, core, med-ball work, plyos, and hurdle drills.  1 hour mid-day nap. 6 miles in the evening with a few more drills.

Wednesday: 13 miles total running up Poormans Rd (start @ 5200ft, climb to 6500ft, and back) with 20 minutes of med-ball circuit after.  75 minute leg massage followed by a 45 minute nap.  Ran another 6+ miles in the evening with about ten minutes of drills.

Thursday: 6.5 miles with strides, 15 minute of drills.  30 minute nap.

Friday: 13 miles of progression run/Fartlek. Drills, skipping, med-ball high tosses, and other core followed – about 60 minutes.  Saw Dr. Richard Hansen for some ART right after a well.  Took a 30 minute afternoon nap and then 7 miles in the evening with another 20 minutes of drills.

Saturday: 9 miles easy with Peak To Peak high school team and 20 minutes of drills after. An hour nap followed by twenty minutes of swimming at Rally Sport.

Sunday: Two hour and twenty minute long run up and down Bear Peak (elevation started at 6,000ft and climbed to 8500ft).  Equivalent to a twenty miler – not sure on actual distance but definitely less. Thirty minutes of drills and med-ball core routine.  30 minute nap and now about to head to the pool for some easy swimming.

Weekly totals: ~104 miles in 10 runs, a nap everyday, five and a half hours of ancillary work, and three swims.

Now that is a solid week of training!  I am very fortunate to have Honey Milk as a sponsor!  This week, I have had at least 2 every single day.  In two weeks I’ll be lining up at the start line of the BAA Half-Marathon fit and ready for a challenge.  I simply cannot wait!


3 thoughts on “100+ Miles for the week!

  1. hey man keep up the good work – i enjoy reading this! this Honey Milk sponsor you have is wild. too bad that stuff isn’t around here in PA.

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