Upcoming Race Schedule

Hello All,

I have been putting in the training the last few weeks!  Ever since coming off a nice break at the end of July and beginning of August training has been going better than expected.  Yesterday was another really good workout with 7 miles total of running at or near threshold pace.  The last 2k in 5:56 really felt good.  I love the feeling of working out at altitude as you simply suffer much longer.  At sea level when you are running near your “threshold” pace, it takes a few miles before you really start feeling the workout – which is not the case at altitude.  Running hard on hills at altitude is harder than anything at sea level.  I’m not quite as fit as I was at the end of July for the San Francisco Half-Marathon, but I’m getting close!  In three weeks I’ll be doing my first real race, after a couple more workouts and long runs I’ll be fitter than ever before.  More importantly, I already am and will continue to become tougher than ever before.

Doing over a hundred hurdle drills after a thirteen mile morning with seven of those miles averaging 5:07 pace.

I also have finalized my race schedule for the fall!  I have several really good competitions, especially in October/November before the “peak” race at the end of January.

Oct 10 – BAA Half-Marathon – Boston, MA

Oct 30 – Tulsa Run 15k – Tulsa, OK

Nov 21 – Philadelphia Half-Marathon – Philadelphia, PA

Dec 31 – Emerald Nuts Midnight Run 4 Mile – New York, NY

Jan 29 – US Half Marathon Championships – Houston, TX

I absolutely love this line-up of races! I keep getting asked about the petition process for my 1:05:01 or 1:05:02 half-marathon at San Francisco in July, since it was a second or two from the US Olympic Trials qualifying standard.  This fall schedule gives me three chances on fast courses with really good competition.  I’m excited for these opportunities and really look forward to toeing the line with some great competitors.  As long as I compete well, the petition for the Olympic trials should be a mute point as I hope to run much faster than the qualifying time!  Hope everyone is doing great, time for me to relax before a nice 18 miler on Magnolia Road tomorrow!




3 thoughts on “Upcoming Race Schedule

  1. Congratulations in Boston! Looks like a great race! We miss seeing you at camp!!!
    Good Luck with all your upcoming races.

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