First test of fitness this weekend


Well this weekend will be my first real test of my fitness.  I’m competing in the Denver Half-Marathon on Sunday (Sept 12th).  Training has been going very well.  I have put in some quality miles with Brent Vaughn and Kenyon Neuman at some pretty high altitudes.  I’ve now built my mileage up to reasonable levels, including a nice double for 20+ miles today.  Everyday I’m excited to run more miles and build into more difficult training.  I really look forward to the challenges ahead, starting with the Denver Half-Marathon this weekend.  The folks at Endurance Events are putting on a great event and reviving a race that has not been run in the last three years.  Approximately 1,000 people have registered for the event and it should be a lot of fun competition.

This past Sunday we did a run at Gold Hill, which starts at 8500ft and is either up or down until the turn around at 9200ft.  16 miles later I was exhausted.  It was one of the toughest runs with the most scenic views of almost any run I’ve been on.  We did the run between 9am-11am.  The next day at 10am the first signs of smoke came over the mountain.  Turns out, a fire broke out right near Gold Hill and has now claimed approximately 6500 acres, 200 homes, and sadly several lives.  If we had been doing the long run exactly 24 hours later, we might have been in serious danger.  I took this picture the day before the fire of the monument at the starting point for the run.

This picture below was taken from the backseat of a car as we were driving to the start of the run.  Unfortunately, this view is now of torched land, smoke, and fire.

Hope everyone is doing great and never forget to look and appreciate what is around you, as the Boulder fire has shown that anything can change in a matter of a couple hours.



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