It takes a village…

Hello all,

It’s been almost two weeks since my last blog update and it’s time for a new one! It has been an exciting time the past few weeks…left State College after four great years, moved home for a week, attended my Masters degree commencement, drove 1800 miles from Moore Twsp, PA to Boulder, Colorado, and now have moved into a temporary two-month sublet (until I find a more permanent place in Boulder).

The theme of this post is about having a support system and how I have the greatest group of friends, family, and teamates anyone could ask for.  My Uncle Rick from Oklahoma flew in to attend my graduation and celebrate with me.  He follows every single one of my races and watches all 29+ minutes of a 10k race on flotrack.  Having someone care so much makes a world of difference when you’re 3/4 of the way through a race and the body is trying to shut down.  I was also lucky enough when I was home to run several times with two really good friends, Jeremy Matula and Megan Duerring – both of whom are getting ready for the Via Half-Marathon in Eastern, PA.  The excitement they share for running is truly inspiring.  Megan has fought back from several injuries and is now loving every step she takes in training and values being healthy enough to make it to the start line – a value that should never be forgotten.  Jeremy could run through a wall, but maybe not over a bridge as shown by the picture…

Jeremy Matula

Jeremy was running in a half-marathon and tripped, fell, got up, and ran four more miles to the finish to finish 3rd.  He was so tough that he didn’t even realize he was bleeding until he finished and his friends were like “Oh My God What Happened?!!?”

Having the support from people like Jeremy, Megan, and Rick makes a huge difference when you know people are behind you and excited to see you reach your goals.  I am absolutely amazed at how supportive my friends are and hope that they know how much they help.  I was discussing this with my mom and her reply was, “it takes a village.”  I really liked the Zen atmosphere to that quote, so it’s the blog title today.

Lastly, you might ask why I left such a great thing I had in Pennsylvania?  It is a good question, but I think Penn State Coach Beth Alford-Sullivan’s last word of advice is perfect – “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Now that I’m settled into Boulder, starting to be coached by Jay Johnson and training with some very fast people, I’ll have much more to blog about…including upcoming races and training!

Thank you all so much,



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