SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock

A couple of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to represent SIGVARIS athletic recovery socks.  Compression socks have gained huge notoriety in the past few weeks after Chris Solinsky broke the American 10k record in his debut at that distance wearing white compression socks.  There have been several published journal articles that have provided evidence that graduated compression socks, such as SIGVARIS, reduce the delayed onset muscle soreness from exercise when used during or after exercise.

I had the perfect opportunity to test out the performance and recovery socks that SIGVARIS makes for myself.  I received the socks before my last tune-up workout a few days before the San Francisco 2nd Half-Marathon.  This was a very simple workout of ten minute tempo and then 6 x 400; however, the temperature was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the dewpoint temperature was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  It was one of those days where it was downright uncomfortable to be outside, nevertheless running at 5 minute pace or faster.  The performance socks made by SIGVARIS are very lightweight and I was interested to see if they would remain light and dry.  Amazingly, they did stay dry and did not get heavier as I sweated considerably during the workout!  A day later, I drove three hours to Pittsburgh Airport and flew to San Francisco, with a brief layover in Ohio.  If anyone has been on a long trip across the United States, you know the feeling when your legs feel “dead-legged,” sore, and sometimes swell.  Well, I wore the compression recovery socks on the trip and not only felt great that day, but on the run the next morning as well.  Finally, the last test of the compression recovery socks was the recovery from the San Francisco 2nd Half-Marathon!  I have calves that tend to get sore immediately after racing, especially 13.1 miles at 4:57 pace on the roads in lightweight flats.  After the race, I put on the SIGVARIS recovery socks and was thoroughly impressed – no calf soreness over the next several days!  The next day after the race I even walked all around San Francisco for hours with the recovery socks on as I “saw the sights” and went to the Gaints vs Marlins game.  There is no doubt in my mind that SIGVARIS recovery socks do improve recovery from intense exercise.  I will continue to use these to recover not only from races, but from workout to workout as well.  Check out SIGVARIS at to learn more and order a pair for yourself!

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