Buffalo Subaru Chase 4 Miler


After only 5 days recovery since the Utica Boilermaker 15k, I laced up my lightweight racing flats and pounded the pavement again.  The race featured a very talented field (http://www.buffalonews.com/2010/07/13/1112162/defending-subaru-champ-aims-to.html) and I was excited to compete against these talented athletes.  I spent the day before the race sitting at the Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Conference in Fairfax, VA and then drove nine hours to Buffalo, NY.  The morning of the race I got up and did an easy three mile shakeout around Buffalo and then drove to Niagara Falls to see the sights and met Dennis Pollow for lunch, who was my first roomate at Penn State and ran 14:10 for 5k his senior year.  A short nap and a cup of coffee later, I was ready to race.  It was very hot and humid, with temperatures over 80F and winds gusting to 20mph, which made the times relatively slow.  After a fast first mile where Dennis, a Kenyan and myself went through the mile in 4:34 with the lead pack of five going through in 4:24, the second mile turned into the wind and was a much slower 5:00.  Shortly after mile two, I broke away from Dennis and the Kenyan and ran the last two miles in 4:50 solo to finish 6th overall and top american.  The top four kenyans/ethiopians ran very well as did Dylan Wykes, a 2009 World Track and Field Championships team member for Canada.  Even though averaged 4:49s is not impressive, the heat, humidity, and wind definitely made times worthless.  This was a perfect short race to get my legs ready to feel good running 4:57s at the San Francisco 2nd Half-Marathon next Sunday!


Post-Race Interview with Dennis and I

Short Finish Line Race Video

Dennis Pollow and I after running the Buffalo Subaru Chase 4 Mile July 16th in our Penn State Alumni Jerseys

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